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Cannabis Businesses and Employment During the Coronavirus Crisis

NewTropic CEO Alex Rowland featured in Marijuana Business Daily article, hiring employees to meet demand for essential service.

By NewTropic

Marijuana Business Daily interviewed CEOs in the cannabis industry to better understand their strategies in dealing with the COVID-19 crisis to “keep employees and customers healthy and safe – while keeping close tabs on their companies’ bottom lines.”

Many cannabis companies are seeing increased sales since social distancing began, while others conserve cash flow and make cutbacks in preparation for an economic downturn. There are three main strategies being pursued:

  1. Jump starting recruiting to relieve current workers and take the pressure off of those that wish to stay home.
  2. Laying off, terminating, and furloughing to minimize cash outlay.
  3. Changing shifts and retail schedules.
NewTropic CEO Alex Rowland

Marijuana Business Daily’s article, “Some cannabis businesses add employees, others mull layoffs in response to coronavirus crisis,” highlights some important issues facing the industry during these unprecedented times. From the article:

“Santa Rosa, California-based manufacturer NewTropic has added additional shifts and hired five people in recent weeks, CEO Alex Rowland said. Rowland anticipates hiring up to 20 more over the next 45 days.

“People are consuming a lot of cannabis right now,” Rowland said. “People still need to eat and they still need access to cannabis, so we’re rising to the occasion.””

Employees of NewTropic ready to start manufacturing

As NewTropic ramps up hiring, safety is always a big concern in both procedure and procurement of proper protective equipment during a pandemic. The company has implemented comprehensive safety and sanitation protocols, and all new staff are required to go through specific COVID-19 safety training.

Click here for the complete Marijuana Business Daily article.

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