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NewTropic provides professional, fully-compliant cannabis manufacturing and supply chain solutions for every step in the process, allowing you to focus on building your brand.
Brand Solutions

NewTropic Supply Chain Platform

NewTropic is focused on the success of our brand partners. We provide brands with key services at every step in the supply chain – from sourcing raw materials to extraction, manufacturing, packaging, and shipping. We also offer financing for every stage, freeing brands up from the financial constraints that come with success and growth. We call this the NewTropic Supply Chain Platform.

Our Brand Solutions include:

& Sourcing

NewTropic provides agile procurement services to acquire cannabis materials tailored to your specific product needs. Leverage our sourcing services and get large volume buying power, and access to a variety of farms throughout the state, including NewTropic’s curated inventory.


NewTropic manufactures everything from flower & pre-rolls to boutique concentrates to edibles and beverages. Benefit from NewTropic’s professional-grade product manufacturing, including state-of-the-art facilities and processes, large-scale capacity, and a complete platform to handle all your manufacturing and supply chain needs.

Flower & Pre-Roll Processing


Infused Products*

*Coming in Q2 2021

Packaging &

We offer complete co-packing services,and ensure all products are packed, labeled, and shipped in fully-compliant packaging. Let NewTropic compliance experts handle the entire compliance process, and stay up to date with the latest regulations. NewTropic sources dry goods globally, from clean, consistent suppliers ensuring lower packaging costs.

Shipping &

NewTropic delivers finished products to licensed distributors throughout California. We maintain strategic relationships with top retail distributors to ensure seamless product delivery to retailers.


NewTropic offers a variety of additional value-added services depending on your specific needs, including:

Wholesale Solutions

Quality Wholesale & White Label Products

In addition to our Brand Solutions, NewTropic provides a range of wholesale products and services.


NewTropic offers a full menu of White Label products, providing a fast and efficient way to go to market with high-quality cannabis products under your own brand name.


Let NewTropic convert your cannabis biomass a variety of concentrate options from bulk crude to finished extracts including shatter, sauce, sugar, and more.

Bulk Flower

NewTropic works with a diverse range of farms in the state and maintains large volume buying power enabling bulk flower sales at competitive prices.

Bulk Crude

We sell high-quality crude at various stages of refinement.

Bulk Distillate

NewTropic can further refine oil down to distillate, for vape cartridges and other uses.


Our experienced team creates some of the finest concentrates in the industry, available for both wholesale and brands.

Our solutions will enable your business to:

Elevate Your Manufacturing​

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