NewTropic Launches Type 7 Cannabis Manufacturing Facility in Santa Rosa, California

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Santa Rosa, CA – NewTropic, a leading cannabis manufacturer based out of Santa Rosa, California, announced it has officially launched its highly-anticipated Type 7 manufacturing and co-packaging facility in Santa Rosa this week. The state-of-the-art facility, which is in the process of becoming cGMP certified, will produce professional-grade cannabis products – including bulk crude and distillate, flower and pre-rolls, and all forms of cannabis concentrates, with edibles and beverages coming online in 2020 – for California brands, cultivators, manufacturers, and distributors.

“This new cGMP-level facility is the culmination of several years’ hard work sparing no detail to build the best cannabis production facility in California from the ground up. Our vision is to take cannabis manufacturing to a whole new level, one that’s on par with top-tier food and pharmaceutical manufacturing.”

NewTropic co-founder and CEO Alex Rowland.

NewTropic has been raising capital to support this vision, having recently closed over $4 million in venture funding. The company intends to raise additional capital over the next quarter to fund expansion into additional facilities in California and other states.

About NewTropic

NewTropic provides professional-grade manufacturing and supply chain solutions to California cannabis brands, cultivators, manufacturers, and distributors. Leveraging deep manufacturing expertise combined with highly professional operating standards, NewTropic is elevating the level of cannabis production to enable its partners to deliver superior products with consistency and scale. For more information please explore

Contact: Dean LaTourrette

Telephone: 415-596-7873


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