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NewTropic provides professional-grade, fully-compliant cannabis supply chain solutions to California brands, cultivators, manufacturers, and distributors.

Our mission is to dramatically professionalize cannabis manufacturing so our partners can deliver superior products with consistency and scale, and every consumer can enjoy a safe and reliable cannabis experience.

We combine deep manufacturing expertise with highly professional operating standards to deliver real value to your supply chain. Accelerate product launches. Free up capital. Eliminate production headaches. And ensure consistent quality and delivery to your customers.


We are building the largest and most technologically sophisticated cannabis manufacturing facilities in California.


We focus on Quality. Compliance. Flexibility. Efficiency.

NewTropic is focused on using technology, people and processes to be the best contract manufacturer in cannabis. But we go well beyond contract manufacturing, providing a complete cannabis supply chain platform that enables our brand partners to scale without limits.

The NewTropic platform enables you to completely outsource your licensed manufacturing activities resulting in:

Modern supply chains require flexibility, efficiency and reliability.

NewTropic sources and transports cannabis flower and trim from licensed cultivators to one of our facilities for processing and packaging flower or for extraction into crude, distillate or isolate. Once in extracted form, cannabinoids and terpenes can be infused into consumer products, packaged, palleted and distributed to a retail store for sale.

focused exclusively on your success


From our state of-the-art, cGMP-compliant facilities to our client management and customer service, we operate professionally from start to finish.


Our customers depend on us to deliver the high-quality, fully-compliant products they need with consistency and scale.


We don't manufacture our own brands, so we’re 100% focused and committed to our partners’ success.

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We invite you to learn more about our solutions and state-of-the-art facilities, to see how we can turn your ideas into reality. 

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