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NewTropic is expanding rapidly and has ambitious aspirations to become the premier cannabis manufacturer in the world.

My vision for NewTropic has always been to take cannabis manufacturing to a whole new level, one that’s on par with professional food, beverage, and pharmaceutical manufacturing.

- Alex Rowland, co-Founder & CEO

NewTropic was founded in 2016 by Alex Rowland and Nelson Becerra, veteran entrepreneurs in the technology and media industries. After successfully launching a premium cannabis concentrates brand, they teamed up with manufacturing experts in Colorado and California with a vision to completely transform cannabis manufacturing. The team set out to build a business

that redefined the standards for cannabis manufacturing – beginning by launching a state-of-the-art cGMP-compliant production facility in Santa Rosa, California, that opened in late 2019. The facility would break new ground utilizing cutting-edge processing equipment and professional processes that set new standards in the cannabis industry.

Now that the initial model has proven successful, the team has set its sights on expanding to additional facilities, both in California and across the U.S., and eventually around the world.
Why us?

We have built the largest and most technologically sophisticated cannabis contract manufacturing facility in California.


We focus on Quality. Flexibility. Efficiency. Compliance.

NewTropic is focused on using technology, people and process to be the best contract manufacturer in cannabis. We’re dedicated solely to our clients’ success and are NOT focused on building our own brands that would compete with our clients’ brands.

NewTropic enables brands to completely outsource licensed manufacturing activities resulting in:

NewTropic Supply Chain

We’ve redefined the standard in cannabis manufacturing.

Modern supply chains require flexibility, efficiency and reliability.

NewTropic sources and transports cannabis flower and trim from licensed cultivators to one of our facilities for processing and packaging flower or for extraction into crude, distillate or isolate. Once in extracted form, cannabinoids and terpenes can be infused into consumer products, packaged, palleted and distributed to a retail store for sale.


The market is big, it’s growing at over 30% annually, and it’s evolving rapidly.

The global cannabis market is rapidly gaining acceptance. 66% of the US population favors legalization* and 34 US states have legalized medicinal or recreational use. In 2018 and 2019, countries throughout Europe, Asia and South America repealed their bans on cannabis. 

*Source: 2019 Gallup

Addressable Market

We’ve strategically positioned NewTropic within the market to maximize value & opportunity.

NewTropic’s initial market, California, is the largest adult use market in the world, with $2.96B in sales in 2019.*

NewTropic is building the largest contract manufacturing operation in California and seeks to ultimately become the largest contract manufacturer in the United States – which will reach an estimated $40B in sales by 2024.*

NewTropic Current Market in CA: $1B

NewTropic Total Market in 2024: $12.9B

Our Market Opportunity

Green “Slices” Indicate NewTropic’s Addressable Market

Flower & Pre-Rolls $1.3B

NewTropic Mkt: $457M - Non NT: $823M

Flower & Pre-Rolls

NewTropic processes and packages flower and pre-rolls at scale, without sacrificing quality.

Edibles $398M

NewTropic Mkt: $150M - Non NT: $248M


NewTropic will manufacture virtually any type of edible or beverage, in a cGMP-level facility.

Concentrates $1B

NewTropic Mkt: $316M - Non NT: $724M


Utilizing cutting-edge equipment and technology, NewTropic produces all forms of high-end concentrates as well as vape oil.

Topicals/Other $192M

NewTropic Mkt: $73M - Non NT: $119M


NewTropic has the flexibility to produce topicals, tinctures, tablets, and other less-common forms of cannabis.

*Source: BDS Analytics.

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