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NewTropic’s White Label solutions deliver you the consistency, price and reliability you need to scale your offering.

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NewTropic delivers turnkey, cost-effective white label product solutions, enabling California cannabis retailers to:

Add new revenue streams with attractive margins

Rapidly launch new products and SKUs

Offer quality cannabis products at competitive price points

Control their own brand, products and pricing

we bring your products to life

NewTropic's Retail Ready Solutions

BHO Concentrates

We offer a full suite of high-quality, BHO-derived concentrates at various price points for White Label.

Sugar, Sauce, Special Orders

Starting at $7.65


We have a wide selection of cold-water hash.

45µ, 73µ, 120µ

Starting at $8.00


We provide a variety of regular and infused pre-roll products in single and multi-packs.

Glass Tube

1g Pre-Roll | Starting at $3.45
Infused 1g Pre-Roll | Starting at $5.89

Plastic Tube

1g Pre-Roll | Starting at $3.04
Infused 1g Pre-Roll | Starting at $5.60

5-pack - 0.5g

Pre-Rolls | Starting at $8.69
Infused Pre-Rolls | Starting at $15.55

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Partners & Clients

We’re fortunate to be already working with some of the top companies and brands in the industry - from leading consumer brands to vertically-integrated manufacturers and distributors.

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