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The Cannabis Industry Deserves MORE

What the MORE Act would mean for the cannabis industry in the U.S.

From Hippies to Hemp: Weird Historical Canna Facts

Here is our short round-up of some fabulous cannabis facts to amuse and amaze.

NewTropic Announces Financing Solutions For Private-label Cannabis Manufacturing

NewTropic now enables client brands to finance raw materials and manufacturing when producing their products.

Hire Thoughts

Filling Vacancies for a California Cannabis Company During a Pandemic Can Make You Crazy — and Proud

NewTropic Announces Hash Production Including Partnership with Biscotti Brands, California’s Premier Hash Provider

NewTropic announces the launch of hash manufacturing services including a partnership with Biscotti.

Vapor Trails

Gen Z + Millennials Smoke Boomers in Vape Sales According to Data from Headset

Manufacturing A Partnership

Why choosing the right contract manufacturing partner is the best protection against your own success.

Celebrating Cannabis Concentrates on OIL Day 7/10

Breaking down the complexities of manufacturing cannabis concentrates in advance of OIL Day on July 10th.

7 Ways to Stay Safe While Partaking on 4th of July

Fireworks are not the only things getting lit this 4th of July. Here are 7 pro moves to help you celebrate safely.

The Benefits of Using a Cannabis Specialist for Sourcing in China

With COVID and volatile consumer demand a top concern, NewTropic’s supply chain team gives their take on sourcing out of China.

NewTropic CEO Alex Rowland Featured in Forbes

NewTropic CEO Alex Rowland was featured in a recent Forbes article by Warren Bobrow, editor of Vices.

How to Find Credit for a Cannabis Startup in a Crunch

Credit in cannabis is tough to come by. Here are 7 ways that cannabis operators can secure credit.

How Cannabis Cultivators are Surviving COVID-19

Learn how cultivators are overcoming the challenges associated with operating during the COVID-19 pandemic.

From Illegal to Essential

NewTropic CEO Alex Rowland explains how the cannabis industry can serve as a catalyst for economic transformation in a post-coronavirus economy.

What Am I Smoking?

Why everyone from cannabis companies to consumers should be concerned about how products are made and tested.

Cannabis Businesses and Employment During the Coronavirus Crisis

Marijuana Business Daily interviewed CEO's in the cannabis industry to better understand their strategies in dealing with the COVID-19 crisis.

Holding Steady, Industry Braces for Worst

COVID-19 has slowed expansion plans, rearranged supply chain priorities, added financing hurdles, and created labor challenges.

NewTropic Launches Groundbreaking Cannabis Manufacturing Facility in Santa Rosa, California

The state-of-the-art, cGMP-level facility will produce professional-grade cannabis products including bulk crude & distillate, flower & pre-rolls, all forms of concentrates, and edibles & beverages for the California market.
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