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7 Ways to Stay Safe While Partaking on 4th of July

This year’s 4th of July is clearly like no other, with the country and world still very much caught in the grips of a global pandemic. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy yourself, while being safe at the same time. After all, the 4th is all about summertime relaxation – you’ll just need to be a bit more creative this year.

By: NewTropic

7 Pro Moves for this 4th of July

1) Keep it Smart

First off, the obvious: stay at home and create your own fireworks by partaking on the 4th. Avoid large gatherings, and instead stick with family and close friends. Adhere to social distancing where appropriate and be sure to wear a mask around others!

2) BYOS (Bring Your Own Stash)

This includes the cannabis, the device, and anything else you need to enjoy it. Share the vibes, not the stash.

3) Snack Seriously

Have food and munchies available on-site - no unsafe “scavenging adventures”.

4) Be Safe!

Roman candle wars were fun when you were 16, but can quickly go wrong - plus you’re too old for that now.

5) Don’t get "Crossfaded"

Drinking too much and smoking cannabis can lead down a dark path. Avoid what often is dubbed the dreaded "crossfaded high".

6) Only Dab “a little”

Save trips to outer space for “Dab Day” coming up on July 10th.

7) Don’t Partake and Drive.

Stay at home if you can, but if you must be mobile take a socially safe cab - Uber and Lyft are currently adhering to strict safety protocols.

So have fun, be safe, and remember – even if stuck at home, you can always make your 4th of July more colorful by adding some greenery.

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