redefining the standard

Great Products Deserve Great Manufacturing

Introducing NewTropic, the new standard in cannabis manufacturing.

professional grade

NewTropic provides professional-grade supply chain solutions to California brands, cultivators, manufacturers, and distributors.​

Our mission is to dramatically professionalize cannabis manufacturing so our partners can deliver superior products with consistency and scale, and every consumer can enjoy a safe and reliable cannabis experience.

We combine deep manufacturing expertise with highly professional operating standards to deliver real value to your supply chain. Accelerate product launches. Free up capital. Eliminate production headaches. And ensure consistent quality and delivery to your customers.

focused exclusively on your success


From our state of-the-art facilities to our client management and customer service, we operate professionally from start to finish.


Our customers depend on us to deliver the high-quality products they need with consistency and scale.


We don't manufacture our own products, so we’re 100% focused and committed to our partners’ success.

Elevate Your Manufacturing

We invite you to come visit our cGMP* facility with a Type 7 license in Santa Rosa, California, to see how we can turn your ideas into reality. 

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*Our Santa Rosa facility is currently going through the formal process of becoming cGMP certified.

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