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Raising the Bar for Cannabis Manufacturing

NewTropic provides professional-grade supply chain solutions to
California brands, cultivators, manufacturers, and distributors.


Our mission is to dramatically professionalize cannabis manufacturing so our partners can deliver superior products with consistency and scale, and every consumer can enjoy a safe and reliable cannabis experience.

NewTropic combines deep manufacturing expertise with highly professional operating standards to deliver real value to your supply chain. Accelerate product launches. Free up capital. Eliminate production headaches. And ensure consistent quality and delivery to your customers.

Our supply chain solutions include:

Sourcing & Processing

Working with large and small farms throughout California, we can identify specific strains from specific regions for your products. We process flower into packaged units or pre-rolls, utilizing state-of-the-art equipment.

Extraction & Refinement

With our Type 7 license we can convert anything from fresh frozen to trim into high-grade concentrates (shatters, sugars, sauces, resins and diamonds) or crude for further refinement. We can also utilize processes without solvent to create rosin and hash.

We utilize a high-throughput winterization process to further refine crude oil thereby improving clarity and potency. We can also refine crude into a THCA isolate or a THC distillate depending on our clients’ requirements.

Manufacturing & Infusion

We can infuse your concentrates, oils, distillates and isolates into state-compliant consumables at scale. Our team utilizes our cGMP facilities to ensure your products meet the very highest standards. We also utilize nano-emulsification technology to increase water solubility and bioavailability.


We offer complete co-packing solutions and monitor constantly evolving state regulations to ensure your product always ships in compliant packaging. Packaging lines are semi-automated to reduce cost and ensure high levels of fit-and-finish. We can also work with your team to identify reusable or compostable packaging options.


We work with multiple state-licensed testing labs that ensure your products receive the timely COAs necessary to be sold through licensed retailers throughout the state. By Q1 2020, we will be providing in-house R&D testing to identify contamination issues quickly and accelerate time-to-market.

Shipping & Logistics

We can pallet and ship your finished products to any licensed distributor or retailer in the state. We maintain a fully compliant and certified chain-of-custody for your product and ensure you have the records necessary to present to state regulators upon demand.

Your Ideas, Our Execution

We invite you to come visit our cGMP facility in Santa Rosa, California, which maintains a Type 7 license, to see how we can turn your ideas into reality. Please fill out the contact form by clicking the button below or call us at 707-200-3919.

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